We enter into license agreements by selecting such contents from our unique perspective that go well together with cut & sewn products from among various scenes in pop culture and sub-culture including music, characters and arts, by focusing on keywords such as "fashion", "vintage" and "trend".
"Manufacturing" based on utilization of these licenses makes it easier to distinguish your products from those of competing companies, resulting in creation of high added values.
From among license properties held by our company which usually handles licenses with more than 20 contents, a part of them is introduced.

Which band comes to your mind first when you hear the phrase a Rock T-shirt?
We offer the full range of products featuring bands and artists in various categories including classic rock, the standard for Rock Tees, grunge, hip hop, heavy metal and more.

e.g. The Beatles / KISS / Kurt Cobain / Metallica / RUN DMC (Including the past examples)
From the university logo you often see in vintage clothing shops to the logo on the souvenir you bought at a college coop during your trip to the US, we offer a wide array of logo T-shirts of well-known colleges/universities in the US, the "icons of College T-shirts".
Our suggestion for the kingship items of American-style casual fashion

e.g. UCLA / Harvard University / University of Michigan (Including the past examples)

We offer T-shirts with a wide variety of famous corporate logo and mascot that everybody knows - confectioners,TV channels, beverage companies and others. Enjoy the selection only clothing can offer that is a little or more different from their promotional items.

e.g. MTV / Kellogg's / Hershey's / Coca-Cola / Sprit (Including the past examples)

We have turned mascots/characters, icons and logos that represent American culture, e.g. three major sports, TV programs, movies, magazines and other media into this simple, recognizable and iconic lineup of clothing products.

e.g. NBA / PLAYBOY / Nickelodeon / Disney / Universal (Including the past examples)

We have the huge variety of offers that are not restrained by the existing licensing framework like pieces of famous photographers, images of actor/actresses/models, works of artists as well as world-class NGOs.

e.g. WWF / Twiggy / Jean-Micheal Basquiat / Roberta Bayley (Including the past examples)

and more